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Wadva Manufacturer Wholesale Hand Spinners from China

Views: 244 Updated Time: 2017-06-17
What Hand Spinners Are There?

Although all Hand Spinners effectively do the same thing, there are many different types of them and we’re going to go through each one of them. The plastic EDC tri-spinners are very popular as they tend to be very cheap compared to the other alternatives out there. Another plus is that they come in plenty of colors. They spin well and can easily be alternated back and forth, and the ABS plastic that they are made with is very quiet and durable, so you can take these spinners with you when you go out with no worry about damaging them.

Are there any disadvantages to tri-spinners? Not really, although if you have small hands you may find them tricky to spin since they could feel a little big. In addition, one minor flaw with tri-spinners and hand spinners generally is that they can become dirty and slow down over time. The best way to smooth the bearings out so they get back in working order is to soak them in warm, soapy water, or to apply some oil. However, if applying oil, be careful that you’re using a water-based lubricant, and not a product that could cause additional slowdown.

However, you don’t have to go for a tri-spinner, there are lots of other spinners which you may prefer. The simple one-bearing spinners would be great for you if you’ve found that the tri-spinners are too big, and these also seem to spin longer on average.

While plastic spinners are an ideal starting point, you can upgrade to higher-quality materials after you’ve got used to spinning. The metal spinners are superb, do not get as dirty so require less maintenance, and also appear much classier aesthetically. Wooden spinners also look very authentic and would be perfect for either a discerning spinner, or as a gift to somebody else.

hand spinner

Hand Spinner Benefits

As we briefly said earlier, Hand Spinners are also brilliant for those who have habits that they are desperate to kick. Biting your nails is one of the most unhygienic things that somebody can do, but playing with a finger spinner will reduce your urge to do so.

Hand spinners, like stress balls of days gone by, are also great if you just want to release tension that has been mounting over minutes and hours. Moreover, perhaps you are eating too much or smoking too much. Instead of using your short breaks in the office to do either, why not just sit around and play with your finger spinner? It’s much more satisfying and you’ll be pleased you did in the long run.

Where are Hand Spinners From and Where Can I Purchase Them?

If you’ve taken a liking to Hand Spinners then you probably want to know more about their origins and where you can purchase them. As of now, the majority of Hand Spinners are made independently in the United States, however, some larger companies are beginning to get in on the act and producing their own spinners. Etsy is one such site where you can buy independently-made Hand Spinners.

That Hand Spinners are being made in America is really good news for the quality, as mass-production in countries like China has seen a reduction in quality in other industries. Take e-cigarettes for example: once China started making them the quality deteriorated even though the prices fell dramatically. However, with the big finger spinning market only set to get bigger, China’s involvement feels a matter of when, not if.

On this site we aim to bring you only the best Hand Spinners that are certain to give you months and years of enjoyment. We don’t scrimp on quality, so you can be sure that everything you get from us will be a worthwhile purchase!

Hand spinner/Finger spinner factory/manufacturer/supplier from China

Wadva is the leading hand spinner factory, wholesale finger spinner with high quality, custom and make logo for your hand spinners.

Buy wholesale hand spinners here: https://www.wadva.com/products/hand-spinners/

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